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Our offer is based on more than 30 years of teaching experience and includes individual and group courses for adults, teenagers and children at our headquarters or at companies, public bodies and schools of all levels.



We believe that there is no single teaching method and that the teacher must have multiple tools to teach in an effective, flexible, original and motivated way.


We chose to work in small groups to adequately follow the progress of each student, thus ensuring the necessary attention to achieve the set goals.



All our teachers are native speakers and qualified to teach foreign languages. We select our collaborators through a series of interviews in which the candidate can demonstrate their skills.


This is followed by a period of monitoring and mentoring conducted by teachers who have been working with our school the longest. Teachers are retrained on an annual basis and it is our practice to take into account the opinion of our students.



The formation of groups of homogeneous level takes place through an initial, free test. Each course is structured and targeted based on the needs expressed by the individual student or group.


Centro Linguistico Agorà prepares students to successfully pass internationally recognized exams for the German language.

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